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Where’s my future?

Saturday, 13 February, 2010

It’s the 21st century: I should have a flying car, and a videophone, and a robot housekeeper. Well, I do have a videophone – a wireless one, in fact – but 64kbps H.263 is quite underwhelming if you grew up with images from 2001: A Space Odyssey and Back to the Future. But what’s really […]

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Saturday, 6 February, 2010

I swear I must look like a ghost or something – people seem to think they can walk right through me! This one time, I was walking up the Sussex St ramp to the bridge from the city to Pyrmont, carrying a big bag of shopping, keeping to the left, and this guy was running down […]

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Thursday, 4 February, 2010

C++ defines a bunch of aliases for operators. These are kind of cool, and they can make code more readable at times – for example you can write things like: if ((dest bitor netmask) == bcdest and protocol == udp) But in typical C++ fashion, they chose to specify it in a completely brain-dead way. […]

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