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I Hate Firefox!

Sunday, 19 August, 2007

Yes, I really do (yes, I’m talking about the web browser, not the movie). And yet I use it every day. There are things that I like about Firefox – plugins like Aardvark, Firebug and Web developer, for example – but as a whole, I think it’s a lousy web browser. Take its text rendering, […]

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Friday, 10 August, 2007

After reading this and this about the new Apple keyboard, I got the itch to write, so here are my random musings. I think the new keyboard is just plain ugly, but that’s purely subjective. I think the PowerBook keyboard feels better than the MacBook keyboard, too, and would have preferred a desktop keyboard based […]

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Bigger and Better

Saturday, 4 August, 2007

I’m talking about my new car. I got a tenth-generation Toyota Corolla Conquest hatch in Aztec Blue (this is called an Auris in Europe and Asia – I’m not sure what it’s called in the Americas). It’s almost funny. Ford and Holden are placing more emphasis on their smaller cars (Focus, Epica, Astra, etc.) but […]

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