After reading this and this about the new Apple keyboard, I got the itch to write, so here are my random musings.

  • I think the new keyboard is just plain ugly, but that’s purely subjective. I think the PowerBook keyboard feels better than the MacBook keyboard, too, and would have preferred a desktop keyboard based on that.
  • The wireless version is obviously designed for using on your lap, rather than on a desk. The lack of a numeric keypad allows you to have it both physically and logically centred on your lap.
  • Dashboard functions/exposé on the left are interesting – here’s my theory: on a PowerBook, it makes sense to have it on the right, since you need your left hand to get to the fn key while you hit the F9/F10/F11 key with your right hand (otherwise you get keyboard illumination control); however, on the desktop keyboard, you need to use your right hand to get the fn key, so it makes sense to have the multiplexed F-keys on the left-hand side of the keyboard.
  • I was sad to see the help key fall into disuse, and I’m sad to see it ultimately disappear.
  • I won’t get one of these keyboards. I don’t like wireless input devices that need batteries (hence by Wacom Intuos3 with wireless power to the pen and hamster – it can’t be a mouse without a tail). I’m also very happy with my Sanwa IceKey keyboard, which has very nice notebook-like key mechanisms.

OK, that’s enough random garbage for today…

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