Yesterday was simultaneously the best and worst day I’ve had working for ITG. It was the best because I just realised how good I’ve got it: I’m tuning applications for performance on Solaris – I really am doing what I enjoy at work. It just hit me that people when tasks are allocated, people actually get to choose the tasks that they’re most interested in. That’s not the most common scenario you’ll find.

But it was also the worst day so far, because it was the last day I’d be working with Bruce. I really do wish you all the best in what you’ve chosen to do, but selfishly I wish we didn’t have to let you go. We’ll all miss you, both professionally, because you have so much knowledge of the industry and company, and personally, because you’re a great guy to have around.

In so many ways, you’re my polar opposite: you’re softly spoken, non-confrontational, vegetarian, tee-totalling and you like to develop in interpreted languages. From the interview onwards, you gave me a great introduction to the company, and you’ve taught me a lot in the short time we’ve worked together.

I’ll miss the conversations; I’ll miss pairing with you; I’ll miss having you there at lunch time; I’ll even miss biting my tongue to stop myself singing along when I can just hear the percussion of Smooth Criminal leaking from your headphones.

I hope things work out for you with the new job in Sydney, and that your family handles the transition well. All the best from psycho Vas!

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