Slurpee Crisis

It’s undeniable that this week has been hot in Melbourne. Temperatures were in the mid 40s (over 110°F for the Celsius challenged). You don’t want to go outside, and there are three bushfires burning in the state. On top of that, Melbourne’s infrastructure doesn’t seem to be built for summer. There were over 200 cancelled train services in the evening peak; traffic was terrible; there were problems with the electricity supply in the afternoon.

But as if that wasn’t bad enough, there was a severe Slurpee shortage in the CBD. By four o’clock, most of the 7‑Elevens only had empty machines or liquid on offer. I hope this crisis is resolved in a timely manner. If it isn’t, it could lead to discontent, civil disorder or even deadly riots.

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3 responses to “Slurpee Crisis”

Carl says:

I hear you. I went to the 711 the other day to get a slurpy and they only had the blue flavour left.

vastheman says:

Hey, you might be able to answer a burning question I have — why is the green Slurpee flavour called Kiwi Lime? Is it part of a secret New Zealand takeover?

Carl says:

Ah the mind control juice…

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