The back wall of Coles supermarket at Edgecliff is lined with open-front refrigerators. Above each of them is an illuminated sign that says “Chilled Foods” in large, high-contrast text that can be read from metres away. Well thanks, Captain Obvious! I never would have guessed that food in a refrigerator would end up cold! How about some helpful category signage? You could have signs that tell me where I can find “Cheese”, “Milk”, “Yoghurt” and “Pro-biotic Drinks”. Did it never occur to you that people would appreciate knowing at a glance which fridge they need to look in? I guess that’s just a bit too complicated. Or did you think I need the mental stimulation provided by searching for my food? I’m not a zoo elephant in danger of going mad with boredom, and I think I’ve lost touch with my hunter/gatherer instinct. If you make grocery shopping easier, I’m less likely to get frustrated, leave without buying anything, and go down the road to Woolworths.

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