Yet another reason to hate Google’s tentacles

It’s not secret I don’t like the way the web is succumbing to JavaScript bloat and sucking in scripts from third-party sites. But I now have another reason to hate it. A few sites are blocked from China, including most Google properties such as Google search, Google APIs and YouTube (and also Tagged, incidentally). If a site that isn’t blocked from China tries to load scripts from Google APIs, for example the minified jQuery script, I have to wait for the blocked request to time out before the page will display at all, and functionality may be broken if the page actually depends on jQuery for content display or navigation. Is it really that hard to host your own scripts? Do you really need to give Google even more data on our browsing habits? One good thing about China’s policies it they make it harder for fucking Google to track us over here.

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Wellllll says:

Isn’t the real problem that the Chinese are weirdos who censor everything in a pathetic attempt to brainwash their population?

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