TPG FTTB Settings

In case anyone else wants to configure third-party equipment for a TPG fibre-to-the-building service, here are the details. Below the fold are screenshots of the settings entered in the web-based configuration UI of an AVM FRITZ!Box. Note that the SIP password is not the same as your account password, and you’ll need to obtain this somehow. TPG doesn’t make this easy, but it is possible.

Internet connection

Modulation: VDSL2 17a (ITU G.993.2)
VPI: 1
VCI: 32
Encapsulation: PPPoE
Authentication: PAP
Username: your TPG username optionally followed by “”
Password: doesn’t matter – it isn’t actually verified (you can use your account password)

Phone service connection

Connection type: PVC
802.1q PCP tag:
(PBit or 802.1p traffic class)
5 (VO, voice with < 10 ms latency/jitter)
VPI: 1
VCI: 32
Encapsulation: routed bridge encapsulation
IPv4 configuration: DHCP

SIP connection settings

Registrar server:
Proxy server:
STUN server: none (disabled)
Connection type: SIP trunk
Telephone number: your telephone number including area code (ten digits)
Username: your telephone number including area code (ten digits)
Password: your SIP password (16 characters including uppercase and lowercase letters and digits)
Voice codecs: G.711 and G.729

Internet account settings for AVM FRITZ!Box

DSL settings

Telephone line settings for AVM FRITZ!Box

Line settings

Telephone number settings for AVM FRITZ!Box

SIP settings

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4 responses to “TPG FTTB Settings”

Nigel says:

Hi Vas!

Thanks for the settings, they’ve been invaluable!

Wondering if the phone settings are still current? I applied them and when I make a call on the FritzFon I receive the message “No route to destination”, any ideas?


vastheman says:

Hi Nigel,

I’m still using my TPG phone service with these settings. If you’re getting a “No route to destination” error, it sounds like your VLAN settings might not be correct. Have you correctly set the VLAN for the phone service? The phone service is on VLAN 6 while the Internet service is on VLAN 2.

Also, the phone password is not the same as your account password – it’s generated and controlled by TPG. I’ve been completely unable to get TPG support to supply me with the password. I obtained it by performing a man-in-the-middle attack on the communication between the supplied Huawei modem/router and TPG’s configuration server. The process is fairly involved.


Nigel says:

Hi Vas,

Thanks for the reply and apologies for my delayed one – been out of the country.

Yep, I’ve set the VLAN correctly for the service and extracted the phone password from the dodgy TPLink modem they provided with the service after gaining root access.

On the FritzBox settings, one thing was the phone area code, I have two boxes, first one is ‘0’ & I set the second to ‘2’.

I’ll fire up the TPLink one a little later and have a check over the settings to see if I missed anything or if there’s a slight difference to yours (I don’t think there will be though).

Will let you know how I go, cheers!


Nigel says:

Hi Vas,

All good! Now have it working – it was only on close inspection that the number for registration had a slight typo in it – seems this is what the fritzbox uses for rego, not the section for Account Information/Username. Or at least at one stage of the login anyway.

Now it’s working perfectly, thanks!!


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