F*#@ing hell I'm angry

OK, my pregnant wife was walking round the local park for exercise, when this African kid on a bicycle yells at her, “This is, my park, not yours!” She says, “Excuse me, the park belongs to everyone.” They abuse her some more and she says, “I’m calling the cops,” and does. They get scared and ride off. One of them falls off his bicycle and scrapes his arm, and he gets his parents and a whole bunch of Africans and tells them that my wife pushed him off his bike. The crowd round her and yell stuff like, “You’re going down, bitch!” and, “We know where you live.” So she calls me in hysterics.

Meanwhile, I’m in South Kensington. I manage to walk to Kensington and get a taxi to where she is (and overpay the driver for speeding) and the cops still aren’t there. When they finally show up, the bunch of Africans all tell the cops that my wife started it. The cops tell us they can’t do anything, because they’re just kids.

Now I’m really fucking pissed off and considering becoming racist for a number of reasons:

  • First of all, why can’t the cops do something? It isn’t just the kids – it’s their parents, too. They bring them up to act like this, and they support them in it.
  • Why is it OK for Africans to be racist? They get away with it all the time. Come to think of it, why do they get away with all the things they get away with all the time? I saw, just tens of metres from me, a bunch of young African guys kicking an white woman and yelling things like, “Fucking Aussie bitch!” They get away with everything.
  • Speaking of which, what’s the point of cops when they’re always too late to do anything? The local cops only ever have one car available, and it never gets anywhere in time to be useful.
  • Why do people try to insist that Australia is an accepting country? It’s full of fucking racists. I get called a terrorist and spat at by whites, and my wife gets abused and threatened by Africans.
  • What the fuck am I meant to do? Arm myself? Then if I hurt someone in self-defence, I’ll be the one who’s charged. But I swear if an African messes with me in the slightest, I’ll smash them so bad they’ll have the scars for life, and I’ll tell them that if they mess with me again, I won’t just flatten them – I’ll rape their sister, too.

Fucking hell I’m angry.

Sorry for the profanities and the out of character rant. I’m really not happy right now. I don’t really intend to assault or rape anyone. But if someone did attack me on the street, I would fight back, and I’m strong and fast enough to do a lot of damage. I don’t look for trouble, but if you mess with me, I’ll definitely dish it out.

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4 responses to “F*#@ing hell I'm angry”

Augusto says:

pregnant wife ? bitch ?
they beat in your wife ?

That problem that you have is very old in that world.
If you are blond with american appearance those problems always happen with that person type.
Here where i live (it believes is true) appear african children on top of my house ! To do one what ? To raise pipe ! I talk with their mothers and them don’t want to know of that. HELL !!!!
They threaten to fling stones (and they fling !) if we try to stop them of raising pipe on top of my house. HELL !!!!
Happily has africans with high level in that world. Unhappily I just know the bad part.
you discuss world problem here in your site ? you talk other subjects and beer also ?
you see the last post that i put in Shout Box about Bush ? what you think about that ? Is it about politic or about innocent dying that i put in shout box ?

Augusto says:

send a hug for the Guru !

Augusto says:

raise pipe in top of my house again !!! HELL

Carl says:

wow this is upsetting.

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