Back Into It!

Well, after several years of confirming that I don’t really want to be a software engineer (despite having l33t C and assembly skills), I’m a student again. And to all those people who think they couldn’t take going back to study after being in the workforce, I don’t know what you’re smoking – I’m enjoying reading notes, researching relevant literature, writing assignments and staying up late to cram.

It’s a pretty big change of direction from what I’ve done in the past: I went to uni to study something I knew I could do (electrical) and worked in an area that I knew I was good at (software). Now I’m studying something that I think I would enjoy doing. I’m doing an advanced diploma in teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL). I’m also studying by correspondence with a private education provider. Wix and Rusty, back in high school when you told me I should be a teacher, I never thought it might actually be possible.

Oh, and I have two pieces of advice for anyone considering studying. First of all, paying full fees is a good incentive to do well, because you want to get something for your money. Secondly, this something I came up with, but it’s too cool not to quote: “three things are needed for study: time, space and a brain. If you don’t have the time, make the time; if you don’t have the space, make the space; if you don’t have a brain, go for a surf!”

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2 responses to “Back Into It!”

Torsten Curdt says:

Mate, that’s big news! All the best for that that.

Carl says:

Cool! I think doing other stuff is always great, we gotta meet in the city before the end of the year.

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