You haven’t made it

I saw a guy driving a Porsche 911 Carrera S with roof racks. Now firstly, it looks pretty silly. Because there isn’t much roof length, the racks were comically close together. The curvature of the roof meant the rear rack needed to be taller than the front one to get them to roughly the same height, so they guy must have bought two pairs of roof racks and used one of each. But that didn’t completely solve the issue: the racks were still at strange angles, so the tops weren’t level, and they wouldn’t have been able to carry very much load.

On top of the visual and practical issues, the guy had another big problem. A Porsche is more of a status symbol than a car. By driving a Porsche you’re trying to tell the world, “Look at me, I’m a success — I’ve bought the car that you can only dream about.” But by putting roof racks on your Porsche, you’re saying, “I only just had enough money for this car.” That, of course, is an admission that you couldn’t really afford the Porsche. If you’d really arrived, you’d have another, more practical car to put the roof racks on.

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